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Set on the model of integrated system of care, the Department of Pediatrics provides everyday immunization services, child nutrition services, dental, ophthalmic and ENT screening as well as round-the-clock emergency services under the care of world-class pediatric specialists who deliver for your child a gift of health. Endowed with a mission to take care of your loved ones, the Department of Pediatrics at LLH Hospital provides complete health solutions from birth through adolescence. Our care providers work hand in hand with families to promote the best possible health for their children. Through this mission the department seeks to improve the lives of children in our community.

Key Expertise
  • Screening and early detection of congenital disorders in children
  • Management of feeding disorders in children with focus on underweight cases
  • Asthma and skin allergies
  • Treatment of common and seasonal infections in children
  • Growth monitoring
  • Management of pediatric neurological and urinary tract illnesses
  • Child and adolescent guidance and counseling clinic
  • IQ testing and other screening tests
  • Gastric wash for accidental poisoning cases
  • Inpatient facilities for pediatric emergencies
  • Well Baby Clinic
  • Immunization/Vaccination in accordance with Ministry of Health, WHO




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