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Often people consider Pharmacy as a means of storage and dispensing of medicines. But responsible pharmacy companies in Healthcare like LLH understand that they have a much larger role to play especially when the market is flooded with potent drugs, new drugs, costly drugs and non-conventional advanced drug delivery system. We are aware about the fatalities due medication-error, irrational drug therapy wrong handling of drugs, improper patient counseling, lack of quality assurance etc.


LLH Pharmacy is committed in delivering the highest level of satisfaction to patients. A Clinical Pharmacist is employed to assist those patients with the prescribed medication. Our systems ensure that expired medicines never reach the patient by mistake.

Our Pharmacies educate the patients about dosage, drug side effects etc. We use

efficient medicine stacking and inventory management system to serve you faster and with the right medicines. Medicines that need to be stored under lower temperatures are stored under refrigeration so that the efficacy and potency of the drugs do not deteriorate

LLH Hospital Pharmacy is part of the hospital facility. It ensures that there is adequate supply of most common medicines and is dispensed in a timely manner. Medications prescribed for use during your hospitalization are covered under your health insurance. Please bring your current medications into hospital as there will be a charge if your scripts need to be refilled. Pharmacy costs for medications or other items supplied for home use, if not covered under your insurance is payable on discharge.