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Admission and Discharge Policies


At certain times, patients may experience a delay in getting admitted or sometimes the admission itself may get postponed. That may be due to unavailability of beds, due to emergency admissions of seriously ill patients or due to delay in planned discharges. Consent forms will be taken from patient or patient relatives for all admissions to LLH Hospital Abu Dhabi.

For further details on admission please refer 'Advice'.

Room Category

LLH Hospital offers you the following types of rooms: common/sharing rooms, standard rooms and VIP rooms. Please indicate your room preference/insurance eligibility in pre-registration form or call. Every effort is made to honor your request, but it may not be always possible to avail same room on the day of your admission in case of emergency or unforeseen issues.VIP Rooms will be allocated on an availability basis.

Newborn Admission

When a newborn is discharged during the regular working days; the parents have to collect the birth notification by contacting the admission office. All required / relevant information must be provided as soon as the baby is born so as to ease the process of issuing the notification.

For further information about the admission process, please contact the Admissions office between 8 am to 8 pm on 02 6335522.

Advice For In-Patients

LLH Hospital always strives to make your stay as comfortable as it could be. The following instructions ensure you get the best care you deserve.

Preparing for Your Admission

  • If your physician asks you to fast for a procedure; which means you should not take any food or liquids INCLUDING WATER, for at least 8-10 hours before the allotted time of admission, unless directed by your physician. Please ask your consultant whether you can take your regular medications before admission.
  • A prescription/list of medications must be brought with you to the hospital. If you have any allergies or reactions with any medication, please make this known to the admitting nurse or physician.


Treating Doctor would advise for discharge when you are declared fit to leave the hospital. Discharge preparation would be done by Nurses and Doctors. You are requested to follow the instructions, medication and discharge advice. Discharge time is usually noon, but it may vary by unit. Please be prepared to leave your room and arrange to be picked up as soon as the discharge process if completed.

Preparing for Discharge

Be sure you are dear about the discharge information, including:

  • Instructions about continued care.
  • Any follow up visits you may need.
  • Directions about medicines you need that are new, those that you should resume taking, and those that you should stop taking. Make sure you are given a phone number to call if you have any questions.

Safe Practices at Home

  • Talk with your doctors and pharmacist Ask questions and write down the answers.
  • Carefully check all prescriptions before taking them.
  • Get bedside rails for your home if you need them.
  • Keep a phone or a bell near your bed if you might need help.
  • Never smoke in bed.
  • Be very cautious if you have oxygen equipment at home. There should be no smoking around oxygen equipment, as it is highly flammable.
  • If you have medical equipment that needs to be plugged in, use a grounded or three-prong connector. Do not use extension cords.

Healthcare team from the hospital calls after discharge to know the health status and may ask few questions about your medications and other related issues to ensure the safety of your health.

Billing Information

Procedures covered by insurance companies expand on a regular basis. Please check with your insurer and see what you are covered for in LLH Hospital. Where an additional supplement is payable you will be asked to pay a deposit on admission which is offset against your final account.

All charges are payable on the day the service is provided unless otherwise stated.

Insurance desk

Our billing offices will file your claims directly with your primary and when appropriate, your secondary insurance payers. We will bill you for any co-payments and/or outstanding balances not paid by your insurance payers. If you have not received notice of payment to us from your insurer within 60 days of receiving a copy of your bills, we ask that you contact the insurer and encourage speedy payment.

Financial Information / Cost of Care

You have the right to receive information about the possible cost of your care if any. Please ask your nurse to guide you to the Admissions Office or call 02-6335522 for all cost inquires.